“I come across headshots all day as I am seeking new actors. Marc captures the essence of a person, which makes my job a lot easier. I can count on Marc’s photos to give me an accurate sense of the people I choose to call in.”


“By the second snap of his camera, I knew the headshot that I was going home with was going to be good. Marc provides an efficient session and his casual but professional demeanor kept me relaxed and I actually left having had fun. I was right too. My headshot rocks!!” -WILLAM BELLI

“MARC!!! My headshots are amazing! You are great to work with and your skills are on point! Thank you for such a great shoot!


“I have been sending actors, dancers and models to Marc for years now to get and he consistently produces a good headshot over and over again. We have had nothing but good luck with him over the years and consider him as one of our top selections when referring photographers to our clients. With Marc you get nothing but the best!”


“Thank you so so much for taking the extra time to coax the best pictures out of me. I was a bit in my head before the shoot and you could have let me phone it in, but you didn’t. You had the patience and the know-how to bring out my best shots and I am really, truly pleased. I’m left in the tough position of choosing only 3 to be retouched for now – my list is already pretty long of the ones I like! It’s going to be a long night…. ;)”


Testimonial Headhsot Marc Cartwright.jpg

I am beyond satisfied with the pictures that were the result of working with Marc. I have hired him for multiple headshots over the recent years, and he is a true professional. He's extremely talented and his photos typically return the highest traffic on my social media accounts. We all know how important that is these days! I highly recommend him.


Marc's the BEST! This is my 4th shoot with Marc; that's putting my money where my mouth is. Today Marc helped steer us through an entire new look and new direction and we (my professional team) are more than "happy" with the results of the session; we're EXCITED! I know who I'm shooting my 5th session with already. All thumbs up!!! -JOSEPH MICHAEL HARRIS

I could not have DREAMED of a more perfect photographer to help me crank out the perfect headshots! Marc was not only super professional, positive, and fun but his excitement about my vision of what I was going for really made me feel comfortable and supported giving me the confidence I needed to make it all happen.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I will return :)


The best!! We have worked together multiple times and his photos are always top notch!


I Love my headshots!!!  Marc and his make up artist are the best.  I highly recommend him for any type of professional photography.


“Working with Marc was one of my first experiences in front of the camera. He made me feel comfortable, helped me get “the right look,” and made shooting easy. His stylish suggestions added an edge to the photos that is hard to find. Since working with Marc, I’ve worked with many different photographers who lack the personal care that Marc has with his clients. Marc’s profound knowledge of the field is apparent in his photographs. His passion for creating great images is demonstrated in his work and I would definitely recommend Marc to someone who is looking for solid photos.”


“Working with Marc was amazing!! He’s so creative and innovative! All his shots were outstanding, i could hardly believe they were really pictures of me!”


“Anyone can take a pretty picture, not only did Marc make me look good, but I felt like he captured ME! Since getting my headshots taken with Marc, I have gone out tons more commercially and just booked my first national for Taco Bell!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!


“Not only was the actual shoot with Marc a blast, but the headshots have done more than pay for themselves. Within three weeks of taking my new headshots, I signed a new manager and agent. Casting directors have been calling me in three times as much. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would recommend Marc to anyone.”


“Marc’s headshots helped me land a great agent. It was so relaxing shooting with Marc. The headshots are getting me auditions.”


I am in love with my headshots! I hate taking photos and Marc made me feel at ease and more comfortable than I have ever been at a headshot session. Casting always comments on how much they love his shots and I am auditioning a lot more!


“Getting in front of the camera is not something I’m used to. Marc made me feel at ease and the shoot an enjoyable experience. The photos look great and I feel very confident using them on my site! Thanks Marc!”


“My session with Marc was great and my headshots are exactly what my agent and I were looking for”. Not only is Marc a fantastic photographer, but he is also a great director. I got every shot I needed because he made me feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera. I love my pictures. He definitely captured me and less than a month later they have already paid for themselves”


“I was in a casting workshop where the casting agent was going through the headshots. He held mine up and said, “This is a perfect head shot…!” thanks again.. I gave your info out…”


My agent got me my first audition with the proof sheet from my first headshot session with Marc & I have been working with him ever since. With a keen eye for what casting directors are looking for both commercially & theatrically, Marc evaluates his photos as he takes them and takes the time to redirect you (if he feels the photos don’t match up with what you hoped to get out of the headshot session) to get the headshots you need. He knows how to draw out engaging and natural facial expressions and capture them in photos that convey the unique aspects about each individual. I love working with Marc & will be coming back for my next round of headshots.”


“Marc captured my best features in superb natural light including the actual blue from my eyes. The results were so stunning that the photos effectively needed no retouching. And to top it off, he was super pleasant to work with from scheduling to finalized images.” -PHIL BERRY

“Marc, since I’ve shot with you I’ve consistently averaged 4 auditions a week. And last week, I had a record breaking EIGHT auditions. How’s that for a headshot upgrade? Ha!”


“Went in for a pilot just now and the casting director looked at my headshot and then at me and said, “WOW! This is what a headshot should be! You look exactly the same. That never happens and we were just talking about it.”


“You bring the sexy back to photography! Thanks for the great headshots!”


“Hi My name is Trevor Trout. I am a REAL CLIENT of Marc Cartwright Headshots and NOT a PAID actor. I mean I am getting paid for roles in the acting industry thanks very much to MCP. But he is NOT paying me to say all this nice stuff. With Marc’s Ability to make even me look like a star I have booked numerous movies, as well as landed spots on Prime Time TV. So take my advise, The sooner you shoot with Marc Cartwright the sooner you’ll see your name in Lights!”


“I have you know that I posted my pic’s late last week in casting networks and actors access. Since then I have been asked to audition 3 times. Thanks so so much. It’s all about the pic’s!”


Testimonial Marc Cartwright.jpg

Marc did an awesome job with my headshots and was very professional and easy going. He knows a lot about the industry and does his best to give you tips throughout the shoot to make you headshots turn out the best they can be. I would highly recommend Marc for anyone looking to redo their headshots or even for newbies entering the industry. His prices are also very reasonable and it's worth every penny!!


“Marc Cartwright is an extremely talented photographer who cares deeply about his work. He does his best to make sure that you look amazing, and that you feel comfortable during the photo shoot. I love working with Marc! Not only does he make the photo shoot an enjoyable experience, he has an artistic eye that can find the perfect background where you least expect it. I have never seen a bad Marc Cartwright photograph. Marc is by far the best photographer I have ever worked with.”


“I loved shooting with Marc. He is the only headshots photographer I have shot with that creates a comfortable environment, allows me to be myself, and makes it possible to be vulnerable in front of the lens. His meticulous craftsmanship and keen artistic intuition are sheer virtuosity. I am always happy with his finished product.”